Compilation - Bambuddha Grove Vol 6 - Black Sheep Tribe (2CD)


Compilation - Bambuddha Grove Vol 6 - Black Sheep Tribe (2CD) Compiled and presented by DJ M.O.C. Paoli. Bambuddha Grove Music is the record label of world famous Restaurant/Bar/Club Bambuddha Grove located on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza/Spain. Three Buddha's, one representing Freedom, one Respect, and one Tolerance, Set out to seek the source of these vibrations. A land filled with the magic, mystery and music. In the center of the Island, shrouded in valley mist and nestling in a bamboo forest they set their eyes on Bambuddha Grove, the temple to the Black Sheep Tribe, The Music, the Vibrations, the Source...

Since 1999 exists John Moons creation, the magic Bambuddha Grove, a hedonistic paradise from within the tranquil settings of Balinese Banjak set Amongst lush bamboos and Buddha's.

The Music is compiled and presented by the resident DJ M.O.C. Paoli for the past 9 years. He is the mastermind and compiler of the famous six Bambuddha Grove Compilation.

Paoli is a creative musician, producer, DJ Master Of Ceremonies moving and exploring modern electronic music.

Bambuddha Grove Music is perfectly unique, reminiscent of its ibicencan surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of other parts of the Island. Its style comprises a blend of ambient, chill out, jazzy notes, lounge and a variety of electronic music. The Music of Bambuddha will take you on a spiritual journey neither of which will compromise quality in favour of quantity.

Bambuddha Grove Vol.6 'Black Sheep Tribe' is an unforgetable release reflecting one magical night at Bambuddha Grove Ibiza, home of the 'Black Sheep Tribe', skillfully navigated by it's legendary Resident M.O.C.Paoli.

CD1: A musical Journey as it's best, presenting a Kaleidoscop of finest Styles, a selection of Funky electronic downbeat, from incredible upcoming new artist's from Hungary and more well known ones from all over the world fitt's together like a beautyfull puzzle full of magic and healing qualities, precious 'Pearls ON A String'

CD 2: The beat goes on, electronic dancemusic inspired by house groves, reflecting the Zeitgeist of the tantric Black Sheep temple.
Style: Chill Out
Released: Aug. 2009/35

1. Intro - INTRO 

-  2. Stuck - BEAT DIS 

-  3. Best Wishes - HONEY ISLANDS 

-  4. Vienna City Tour - LANGOTH 

-  5. Sem Bla Bla Bla - MARCELINHO DA LUHA 

-  6. Lovely day inside - MO HORIZONS 

-  7. Izquitos - (Freedom Satellite rmx)DUBLEX INC. 

-  8. Who is it? - WALKNER AND MOESTL 

-  9. Crystal Max - PLUTO PROJECT 

-  10. The real moustache - ERIC SUMO 

-  11. Autumn - GANGA 

-  12. Catch the flash - BEAT DIS 

-  13. Ver-Felix-T - RICCICOMOTO 

-  14. Rainy Day - M.O.C.PAOLI15. Outro - OUTRO16. Intro - INTRO 

-  17. Create my universe - INVERSE CINEMATICS 

-  18. Sunshine - IMMACULATE 

-  19. Walkin - NOISESHAPER 


-  21. Bes La Isla - LIQUID ELEVATOR 

-  22. Bajocandela - ROSCO 


-  24. Joe's Bodega - DOMENICO FERRARI VS. LUOMO 

-  25. New Beginning - M.O.C.PAOLI 

-  26. Again - SONOLUCE 

-  27. Sarajevo - NIGEL HAYES 

-  28. Dance Hall Wicked - M.O.C.PAOLI 

-  29. Droit Devant - LANGOTH30. Alles Klar - BEN HUMAN31. Outro - OUTRO -