Compilation - B-Right-On


Compiled by Freak BazaarWith much pleasure Blue Hour Sounds is presenting the 3rd release. A pure UK sound based psytrance compilation, featuring a solid selection of artists like Tantrix, Mood Deluxe, Evp, Neuroplasm, Simiantics, Antispin, Ginetik, Sonic Species (reprinting their successful 'Machina Terra'), with a deep introductive track from Slackbaba.
This piece is compiled by Freak Bazaar, which is a collective of Djs and Producers who have been promoting trance parties in Brighton and the surrounding countryside since 2005 The psy scene has been vibrant in Brighton ever since the Enlightenment parties of the nineties, and, thanks to various passionate crews, it's still going strong today. As positive and magnetic as ever! Brighton is full of creative people, artists, designers, poets, performers and musicians...and now, many established producers and talented new producers are based in Brighton.

This cd is a showcase of Brighton based talent.


1. We have the technology - SLACKBABA 
2. New Spaces - TANTRIX 
3. Machina Terra - SONIC SPECIES 
4. Proper Caution - MOOD DELUXE 
5. Where is the magic - GINETIK 
6. Bewilderbeast - NEUROPLASM 
7. Diabolus in musica - SIMIANTICS 
8. Harmonious Design - EVP 
9. Lost Senses Discovered - ANTISPIN