Compilation - Artificial Sun (CD)


Compilation - Artificial Sun (CD) After 18 months of compiling, Phototropic Records is proud to present Artificial Sun a collection of spiritual and bright tracks. In times of countless dark or emotionless releases, this compilation sets a strong counterpoint.

Only tracks filled with heart-touching and beautiful melodies are presented here, creating an atmosphere of beauty and warmth, shining as bright and powerful as the sun itself.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/26

1. Prophecy - ANTARES
2. Eye can see you - (Bright rmx)AMITHABA BUDDHA
3. Elixier - ZOLPHINIA
4. Dream flow controls - LANDSCAPE OBSERVER
5. Temple of Maya - ARMAGEDDANCE
6. Parasomnia - GOASIA
7. Biogenesis Blaster - PARTY DROIDS
8. Matter Magna - ASTREVETA
9. Voyage to ohmega - PSYDIVER