Compilation - Are You Jivin Yet? (CD)


Compilation - Are You Jivin Yet? (CD) Adapted Records is back in 2010!We are pround to present you with our second compilation featuring many Australian artists alongside well known internationals. Each track is chock-a-block full of powerful funk and twisted, twangy melodies.
Overcome your dancefloor stage fright and let the sensational vibrations pumping out the speakers and running through your veins build up into a wave of utter bliss. Your body, mind and soul will be thoroughly entertained and dancing with delight by the time the curtain closes.

'Are You Jivin' Yet?' has a broad diversity for morning psytrance lovers, there's something in there for everyone!


1. Lets Shaggy - ELECTRYPNOSE2. Monkey Phonics - (Freeform rmx)SELF EXISTENCE3. Human Error - TALPA4. Rabbit with a habit - OXYA5. Order with in chaos - TERRAFRACTYL6. Homegrown - (Neuron Composts 'New Foliage' mix)SATTEL BATTLE7. Time Slip - SELF EXISTENCE8. Ancient Worlds - DECIBEL9. Only so much oil - (rmx)TERRAFRACTYL10. Caliente dude triple A - PIMPERKNUCKLE