Compilation - Arabitronics Lounge Vol 1 (CD)


Moroccan folklore meets electronic club culture! Arabitronics Lounge Vol 1 (CD) - Barraka Productions - Psyshop ONLINE ORDER CDS VINYLS NEW CHARTS ACCESSORIES DVDS STICKS SELECT YOUR $ CURRENCY $ NEWSLIST   -select- this week week 24 week 23 week 22 week 21 week 20 week 19 week 18   >COMING SOON   SEARCH FOR available items   >ADVANCED SEARCH   CDS >BARRAKA PROD. AMIRA SAQATI AZZDDINE VS LASW KASBAH ROCKERS ARABITRONICS LOU BARRAKA PRODUCTIONS SHOW CART Compilation: Arabitronics Lounge Vol 1 (CD)      1. Falludjah Car (DR DAS mix) KASBAH ROCKERS    2. Takassim (Harissa mix by Pat Jabbar) AZZDINE    3. Ya Sherel Beli (Transglobal Uunderground mix) MAGHREBIKA    4. Bedaoui Door Bell KASBAH ROCKERS    5. Srir F'Al Houbb (Bill Laswell mix) AZZDINE    6. Hel Aeynik (JTA mix by Dar Beida 04) AMIRA SAQATI    7. Al Rafel (Bombax mix) KASBAH ROCKERS    8. Peppermint Tea (remix by Dar Beida 04) KASBAH ROCKERS    9. Fikou (Makale-Mr Oz mix by MR OZ) KASBAH ROCKERS    10. Yullara (Kasbah Rockers feat. Oezlem) KASBAH ROCKERS    11. Galbi Tabe (Kech on mix by Sidi Slimane Posse) AMIRA SAQATI    12. Bledstyle (Veil of Pride mix by Dar Beida 04) KASBAH ROCKERS FEAT OEZLEM    13. Aboun Salehoun (Recycler mix) AMIRA SAQATI    14. Oudistic Oud Craft KASBAH ROCKERS    15. Foumban House (Jopas mix) KASBAH ROCKERS FEAT BAMOUN KINGZ Moroccan folklore meets electronic club culture!
'Outstanding' is the chosen name for this journey of an album as it is a synergy of forces, a merge of the leading producers of trance roaming planet earth.

Ziki, a man of many trades has been leading the local Japanese psy trance scene for over 10 years. Aside from managing the notorious and outstanding Noga Records and Bit distribution, he also acts as the sole representative and exclusive booking agent in Japan for a large number of well established international producers.

'Outstanding' is Ziki's second studio album and is certainly his best work till date. Including 9 previously unreleased bombs including artists such as Aquatica, Ananda Shake, Electro sun, Intersys, Stereomatic, Sesto Sento and Vibe Tribe

So pop this one into your CD player and enjoy a wild ride


1. Natural Trance - (vs. Stereomatic and Mistumoto) 
2. Galaxy - (vs. Sesto Sento) 
3. Unlimited - (vs. Electro Sun) 
4. Outstanding - (vs. Vibe Tribe) 
5. To the sky - (feat Ira Kravitz) 
6. Elegrand - (vs. System Nipel) 
7. Independance - (vs. Ananda Shake) 
8. Lost in Tokyo - (vs. Intersys feat Ella and Ira) 
9. Rise up - (vs. Aquatica)


1. Falludjah Car - (DR DAS mix)KASBAH ROCKERS 
2. Takassim - (Harissa mix by Pat Jabbar)AZZDINE 
3. Ya Sherel Beli - (Transglobal Uunderground mix)MAGHREBIKA 
4. Bedaoui Door Bell - KASBAH ROCKERS 
5. Srir F'Al Houbb - (Bill Laswell mix)AZZDINE 
6. Hel Aeynik - (JTA mix by Dar Beida 04)AMIRA SAQATI 
7. Al Rafel - (Bombax mix)KASBAH ROCKERS 
8. Peppermint Tea - (remix by Dar Beida 04)KASBAH ROCKERS 
9. Fikou - (Makale-Mr Oz mix by MR OZ)KASBAH ROCKERS 
10. Yullara - (Kasbah Rockers feat. Oezlem)KASBAH ROCKERS 
11. Galbi Tabe - (Kech on mix by Sidi Slimane Posse)AMIRA SAQATI 
12. Bledstyle - (Veil of Pride mix by Dar Beida 04)KASBAH ROCKERS FEAT OEZLEM 
13. Aboun Salehoun - (Recycler mix)AMIRA SAQATI 
14. Oudistic Oud Craft - KASBAH ROCKERS 
15. Foumban House - (Jopas mix)KASBAH ROCKERS FEAT BAMOUN KINGZ