Compilation - Anarchpsy


Goanmantra Records is proud to present the 8th powerful release compiled by Dj Paolo.A really top quality selection of dynamic psychedelic music! Produced by the usual Goanmantra artists for us, the top of psy goa trance artists in the world! As always Goanmantra guarantees too all the dance floor and to the people of the psytrance festivals a magnificent power with unbroken power beats and the groovy psychedelic uninterrupted music the state of trance and dynamic magical dance with the best digital music trance dimension experience. Pure psychedelic energy in the typical style of this label this compilation is studied to make explodeany dance floor especially if is forest, goa and open air party! For tripping with this compilation with sound that brings back the essence of true magic music of Goa we recommend a good sound system and...Goaspirit.


1. Amoidioma2. Genito Genito3. Gde Nivy Shchebechut4. Badinerie Dreaming5. Won't forget you6. Games for May7. To now knows when


1. Big Wave - STRANGER2. We go far! - FUNGUS FUNK3. Hypersleep - DARK ELF ON ZEUS DROPS4. Om Namah - (Shiva rmx)KAOS5. Soul Searching - STRANGER6. Caprica Six - DARK ELF7. No Problem - POLYKAOS8. Elementary Samurai - CHEMICAL SPOON9. Drum Language - THE NOMMOS