Compilation - Amarasya Vol 4 (CD)


Compilation - Amarasya Vol 4 (CD) V./A. - Amarasya Vol 4 compiled by Montagu and Golkonda.No matter if you are an esoteric person or not. There is no doubt that the moon has a huge influence on our planet. He is responsible for the tides of the oceans and affects the growth of plants for example. The inexplicable power of this celestial body can be specially felt by humans when approaching Amarasya, the day of the full moon.
This special event provides an extra portion of power to people, making them feeling very energetic and restless also during the night. So it is no wonder that the musical setting of Amarasya has also become the most popular compilation of Blue Tunes Records during the past three editions. And also number four in this high-energetic series has all the attributes to continue the unique bounce.

Label founders Montagu and Golkonda again prove their remarkable skills to gather the most pushing Trance producers of the moment. The efficiency of these nine solid, classical Progressive styled tracks has already been tested and proven on euphoric dance floors during the outdoor season 2009.
1. Digital Technology - AUDIOMATIC AND PHAXE 
2. Your Eyes - SVEN SNUG 
3. Orange - SYMPHONIX 
4. Cardiac Arrest - (Suntree rmx)ACE VENTURA 
5. Simple Words - AEROSPACE 
6. Summer Splash - KOPEL 
8. Trip Away - (RPO rmx)SYMPHONIX 
9. In the wind - HALDOLIUM -