Compilation - Air (CD)


Compilation - Air (CD) Altar records presents its first compilation under the theme of the first element Air.The first release on the Canadian Altar Records is the compilation 'Air', which is the first in a series of five elements planned for release over the coming year.
This is a lovely compilation with some standout tracks (Zymosis, Aquascape and Skydan, Asura, Aes Dana), which make this compilation a worthwhile purchase for all those ambient and psychill connoisseurs out there. With 'Air' DJ Zen has compiled a very promising start to a series, and Altar Records is surely a label to keep an eye on for the future.

The discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.


1. Zeta Bieng - (Flute Mix)ZYMOSIS 
2. Voice Of The Universe - AQUASCAPE AND SKYDAN 
3. Speak Your Mind - (Open Air Mix)DJ ZEN AND JACE 
4. Discover - TENTURA 
5. Aurora Borealis - SHAKRI 
6. Sacral Meeting - (rmx)CHRONOS 
7. Dust and Daffodils - ASURA 
8. Air Conditionning - AES DANA 
9. Cloudwalker - RA 
10. Air Song - (rmx)SOLAR FIELDS