Compilation - After World


Compiled by Stratil.This story begins with this full length compilation which includes 10 tracks of different Artists, with the best quality around the world, and with a variety of styles like off beat, double bass, swing and chill.
Stratil took the patience to get the best and finest selection of this nine progressive trance tracks and one of chill out combined together to make this fantastic journey, to listen anywhere, anytime with anyone.

This journey will drive you from the beginning to the end floating and dreaming with all this fantastic sounds.

Compiled by Ivan Meyer aka Stratil, owner and Label Manager of Uxmal Records.


1. Night Dreams - STEVE SELF 
2. Knights of the forest - NAES 
3. Natural Rythems - MONOLOCK 
4. Megling - DUAL LANE 
5. No Excuse - DURS 
6. Lobuki - STRATIL 
7. Deep Space - SUDUAYA 
8. Glimpse - ELEGY 
9. Imagination at work - MINDWAVE, SYNTHETIC PULSE 
10. Changing Annica - BLUE LUNAR MONKEY