Compilation - Ad Infinitum (CD)


Compilation - Ad Infinitum (CD) With a solid tracklist, this compilation flows with a high qualitative music selection. It includes deep reflective moments along with heavy psychedelic feelings. The goal is to spread good vibrations in dance floors all over the worldwide dancefloors.
Working with the 'story teller' concept, all the tracks iinclude hidden messages about how to work with our mind to make our soul reaching distances unknown to our bodies. The idea is to accept the fact that we have been working with the supreme purpose for a long time and each experience learned is important to our evolution and to reach our truth.

Ad Infinitum compilation features well known and new comer top class artists like Baphomet Engine, Electrypnose, Obiit, Bash / Kernel Panic, Ikpeng, Zen Mind, Necropsycho, Karmazon, Demonizz, Dark Whisper, Sectio Aurea and Psyhamaa.. and listening to this waves we'll reach the meaning of what we're waiting for...

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Rest In - Obiit
2. Cocacoize - Baphomet Engine, Electrypnose
3. Nacho Libre - Karmazon
4. Mundo Imundo - Demonizz
5. Evil Instrument - Necropsycho
6. Deep Night - Bash, Psyhamaa
7. Mental Core Waves - Kernel Panic
8. Return To Life - Ikpeng
9. Black Hole - Zenmind
10. Your Are The Buddha - Dark Whisper, Sectio Aurea