Compilation - Across The Andes (CD)


Compiled by Dj Vinnix.Highly connected with the future and always looking for what is most contemporary in the trance scene Worldwide, Antu Records proudly present its hottest compilation Across the Andes compiled by the Brazilian artist DJ Vinnix.
He is a leading DJ of South America's Trance scene, very well skilled, who has already played at the major festivals of South America including; Universo Paralello, Earthfest (Chile), Monte Mapu (Chile), Moonflower (Argentina), Andean Trance Festival (Bolivia), Inkadelica (Peru), Soulvision, Samsara, Amazon Sound, and a recent tour in UK where he played at Sunrise Celebration Festival. Last but not least, he is one of the men behind the legendary Festival Fora do Tempo in Brazil.

After his journeys across the Andes he brings together the full inspiration of the Andes Mountains. A voyage crossing the largest mountain chain in the world, covering seven countries of South America, and holds a great mystical culture of the ancient people of the Andes, which extends from the Incas to the Quechuas and Shamanic master's of the Amazonian tribal communities. Across the Andes brings an exclusively fine and cutting edge selection of trance music from some of the most renowned artists from Latin America, well known for their high quality music production.

The compilation includes some of the main artists from Brazilian scene such as Burn in Noise, Twenty Eight, Kronic, The First Stone, Cosmo Tech, and newcomer talent like Space Vision. Very influential artists in Latin America such as Ital and Moaiact from Chile, who are regarded as the top artists of their countries, Pragmatix from Argentina and Ecliptic and Tron representing the sounds from Mexico.

Across the Andes compilation is ready to show the crowds the power of trance scene in Latin America, a compilation that should definitely be part of your collection and a tool for all discerning DJs around the world.


1. Teorema - MOAIACT2. Higher Reality - SPACE VISION FEAT DJ VINNIX3. Slim Filter - BURN IN NOISE VS 284. Doorway to infinity - KRONIC5. Condor Elevado - ITAL FEAT. DJ VINNIX6. Think Slink - TRON7. Psyche Transhumans - COSMO TECH8. Quarks - PRAGMATIX9. Progressive Time - THE FIRST STONE10. Groove Riders - ECLIPTIC