Compilation - Abra Macabre (CD)


Compilation - Abra Macabre (CD) Compiled By Scorb! Scorb, aka Yod Onsen, is an effervescing cauldron of warped out psychedelic electronica; combining established artists and exciting new collaborations. Marking Trick Music's second release, it follows 2007's hugely successful Ipso Fvcto, driving Trick's distinctive sound forwards for 2009.

Abra Macabre is a powerfully compelling and focused dancefloor compilation that will place you under its spell...
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/27

1. Torque is cheap - ORZELS MACHINE
2. Stratagem - SCORB
3. Six paper joints - PRISM
4. Fin - SQUID INC
5. Lo-Phi - PHIBIAN
6. The Probe - PRISM VS. PHIBIAN
7. Fabrication - THE HOAX
8. Illumination - RAM
9. Destrukt - (Scorb rmx)ORZELS MACHINE