Clockstoppers - Dein Nomos


Doof records are excited to present the long awaited album from Clockstoppers the joint project of Max Galinov aka. Terranoise and Pavel Shkolnikov aka. Evergreen.
This duo has been striking parties since 2005 with a debut release on Doof in 2006. Finally, their ground breaking tunez are set in plastic in this full power psychedelic release. 'Dein Nomos''is a legendary magical sword that was lost for centuries before it reappeared in the Clockstopers studio. The two Doof wizards have managed to cast the powers of this sword into a CD full of magic of the strongest form. Funky, Psychedelic and Melodic, this music can dust the dance floor any time, day or night. I

Influenced by diverse musical genres, spanning from classical music to MTV and from punk-rock to dark-psy; Clockstoppers deliver a unique psychedelic experience packaged in a high quality production.

This new age trance will not leave you standing still. 'Dein Nomos' is a full power and uplifting album and is a must on any psytrance collection. Enjoy the ride.


1. Megabomb - CLOCKSTOPPERS2. Digital New World - TERRANOISE3. Soft Drink - EVERGREEN4. Balonim - CLOCKSTOPPERS5. Blastia Core - TERRANOISE6. Audio 34 - EVERGREEN7. AM PM - CLOCKSTOPPERS8. Glowing Numbers - TERRANOISE9. Low Start - EVERGREEN10. Bonus Track - CLOCKSTOPPERS