Chromosome - DMT Cowboys (CD)


Chromosome - DMT Cowboys (CD) DMT Cowboys is a shponglish adventure into the Otherworlds...' This release of Chromosome 'DMT Cowboys' is the 6th album by Anders Nilsson and Linus Eriksson.
A journey through their wide range of creative abilities. The intense touring Summer 2006 peaking with the Boom Festival inspired these psychedelic mind benders to forget an escalation in trance.

Fans worldwide know the unique sound from Scandinavia. The vibrating Ambient in Soul Surfer, hypnotic sound of Andromeda, into the magic full on frequencies by Chromosome.

A creative musical environment in youth and music design studies led to a first release at legendary Spiral Trax and further on Transient. After followed the famous Andromeda albums that where sailing best seller charts all over and created big stirs in the trance scene. Influences as P Floyd, Simon Posford, BT, Depeche and Motorcycle are clearly heard on earlier works as well as here. Also the world of Tryptamines are part of the essence behind this album.

The Idea took form with the fellow partner Linus Eriksson who is 26 years old and previously released under Endorian. His extraordinary experience with music and productions led to joining Chromosome in 2006 and together produce this mystical ethnobotanical piece of wave constellation. Together with a masterpiece of artwork and a 8 page booklet painted by Android!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Tales From The Otherworld - Chromosome
2. The Spirit Molecule - Chromosome
3. Reality Engineer - Chromosome
4. Vaporized And Confused - Chromosome
5. Am I In The Matrix? - Chromosome
6. Human Structures - Chromosome, Ibojima
7. The Moon (Chromosome Rmx) - Talpa
8. Daydreaming - Chromosome
9. Lucid Illusion - Chromosome
10. Valmorphication - Chromosome