Chromatone - Wasabi (CD)


Chromatone - Wasabi (CD) Just like the head rush you receive from eating the powerful Japanese accompaniment Chromatone's landmark album will send your senses soaring.
These 10 masterful tunes create the perfect storm of driving, soulful psychedelic trance at its purest. Every track is an exquisite journey through brilliant and unique sound design. The energy and detail of the album titled 'Wasabi' provides a smorgasbord of full power party peakers. With a reputation for hard-hitting, crowd wowing tracks, no other artist can so elegantly blend such an epic density of layers to form these truly flaming tracks.


1. Chroma Corona2. Closing in fast3. World in flames4. 88 Mph rmx5. Psypress Pill - (Wasabi mix)6. Alpha Drops7. Attack of killer track8. Wasabeast9. B ware of square10. Dub Divider