Chilling Matenda - Electronic Soul


Global Phonehead Records proudly presents, Chilling Matenda 'Electronic Soul' a gorgeous set of smooth, chilled, dreamy downtempo tracks to chill you out during the long warm summer! 10 tracks of pure relaxation, to get all listeners into a loungy state of mind.
It's our hope that Electronic soul will be your album to accompany that perfect orange sunset, with a long, cool drink with those you can laugh with and reminder of all that is good in your life.

Deep beauty, easy-going feel-good sound and mysterious wonder that will nourish your soul. Releases causing a magical summer that lasts forever and ever, who better than Chilling Matenda can transmit this feeling?

Enjoy your trip!


1. Beginning 
2. Electronic soul 
3. El guitarra 
4. Make music 
5. Domino 
6. All alone 
7. Going the distance 
8. Last time 
9. Life as we know it 
10. The End