Celt Islam - Baghdad


Ajnavision records proudly presents its newest release.After participating in Dub Dimensions compilation, Celt Islam returns with his third album.
Celt Islam is an English Muslim, Sufi and a member of the northern British alternative dub/breaks outfit 'Nine Invisibles' and 'Analogue Fakir'.

Celt-Islam uses a fusion of music from Sufi, Dub, Electro, Drum andBass and collaborates it with Islamic world grooves to create a Dub driven dance crossover.

In 'Baghdad' Celt Islam explores the ethnic dub sonorities and the result is 12 tracks of the best pure ethno sufi dub you can get. This new masterpiece has the collaboration from some guest artists like The Renegade Sufi in 'Wahdaat ul Wajood (Unity of Being)' also in 'Borderless World' and Bongo Chilli in 'Sinking Sand' Tracks.

This release will give you a free ticket to ride in our magic carpet. Wanna join us in our newest arabic journey?


1. Wahdaat ul Wajood - (feat The Renegade Sufi)2. Tribernetikz3. The Silk Road4. Al Khidr - (The Green Man)5. Sarayda Dub6. Borderless World - (feat The Renegade Sufi)7. Against the grain8. Habibiyya9. Baghdad10. Mureed11. Sinking Sand - (feat Bongo Chilli)12. Presence

Source: www.psyshop.com