Cathar - The Union


Delve into the discography of Steve Morley and you will discover a man of many talents with an obvious appreciation for Trance and its sub-genres who has, as a sum total of his many aliases, driven devotees to the dance-floor in their droves for decades.
Cathar is Steve's latest incarnation and it is a collaboration with Jessica B, herself no slacker behind the mixing desk, that allows them both to explore their affection for psy-trance, expressing it as a studio project and live experience.

The fruits of their labour can now include the full-length feature album 'The Union', released by London's source of psy-sauciness Free-Spirit Records whose own back catalogue is quick becoming the embodiment of delectability via diversity.

The Union, other than the closing track which maybe the first example of psy-dubstep, is a part homage to Steve's earliest influences of this Trance genus, Goa, fused with other, almost indistinguishable, elements from across the spectrum. Rippling with stripped-back, no-nonsense go-forward. The Union's few frivolities and balance of clear endeavour with driving intensity permitting Cathar to stand firm in comparisons with their contemporaries and a must for those who believe divinity is a direct derivative of dancing.


1. The first sighting 
2. Solar Lifeforms 
3. Contact 
4. The Outer Marker 
5. Forgotten Frontiers 
6. Interplanetary Love 
7. We come in peace 
8. By dawn's early light Phase II 
9. The Union 
10. Night of the false prophet