Carbon B. Lifeforms - Twentythree


The Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms graces us with their fourth album Twentythree an interpretation of sidereal music captured in and around layers of atmospheres.
From wide and far reaching soundscapes, the hypnosis subtly builds up with washes of ethereal melodies while floating pads are brushed by reverberated organic and electric data or the distant echoes of life on a planet.

The album Twentythree consists of 8 genuine and unrestrained tracks that will forever expand our visions of the open space. Authentic and vibrant, deeply emotive, the story unfolds...

Composed by Daniel Segerstad and Johannes Hedberg, featuring Karin My Andersson for the voices.


1. Arecibo 
2. System 
3. Somewhere in Russia 
4. Terpene 
5. Inertia 
6. VLA - (edit) 
7. Kensington Gardens 
8. Held together by gravity