Carbon B. Lifeforms - Interloper (CD)


Carbon B. Lifeforms - Interloper (CD) A classic in the downtempo genreGoeteborg based ambient band Carbon Based Lifeforms releases its third album 'Interloper' as a follow up to their previous sonic introspections.
Performed live for the first time at Stockholm's Cosmonova Planetarium in November 2009, the music compositions retain their ethereal, wide, uplifting nature and are infused with haunting vocals by Karin My Andersson and poems by Anna Segerstad.

Carbon Based Lifeforms aficionados will recognize their pulsing bass lines, soft pads and acid melodies.

Cherry on the cake, this time Johannes Hedberg picked up guitar and bass and Karin My Andersson her Cello to add a more organic texture to the music.

'Interloper' presents 10 mesmerizing tracks which will propel the listener into a gentle and vibrant journey through warm grooves and fluid electronic atmospheres.


1. Interloper 
2. Right where it ends 
3. Central plain 
4. Supersede 
5. Init 
6. Euphotic 
7. Frog 
8. M 
9. 20 minutes 
10. Polyrytmi