Capsula - Sense Of A Driop (CD)


Capsula - Sense Of A Driop (CD) Capsula is Israel's thirty-something year old Yosi Shamay.He began his music explorations as far back as his teenage years and somewhere between his mind altering travels on the planet and within the psytrance culture and earning a chemistry degree at university, Yosi turned his considerable talents to comtempo electro and psychedelic chillout, influenced by the likes of Terence and Dennis McKenna, Alan Watts, Carlos Castaneda, Jonathon Ott and Favid Icke.
Dreamy, introspective soundscapes for inner dimensions. Capsula previously released Synthesis of Reality, an import on Holland's Ajana label as well as worthy contributions on our own Waveform Transmissions - Volume One and Two. With Sense of a Drop we're proud to offer Capsula's first full length USA release - sold worldwide on Waveform. Enjoy!


1. The 92. Myth3. Galvanizing4. To See I5. Illusion Hill6. Mindfulness Intention7. I still know that I know8. Mundi9. Golden Orb10. Zero One Blues