California Sunshine - Rebirth (CD)


California Sunshine - Rebirth (CD) California Sunshine 'Rebirth' is a new album including new unreleased tracks and new versions to the huge hits from the past. So California Sunshine 'Rebirth' is not something you would like to miss, an artist, a dj and foremost an Ambassador of psy, keeping the flame alive for over a decade and in years to come.
The legendary DJ Miko has been a fixture of the Trance scene since its early days in 1989. He has played marathon 12-hour sessions in underground Goa parties, attracting travelers worldwide. He was the first DJ to introduce Trance parties in Japan, and to show the Trance movement as a visionary way of life.


1. Rain 2010 
2. Summer 89 2010 
3. Alala 2010 
4. The Fleg 
5. The Order 
6. Midian Remix 
7. Last Feeling 2010 
8. Crazy Line 
9. The Sound of Goa 
10. Alala Ending