California Sunshine - Dark Side Of The Brain (CD)


California Sunshine - Dark Side Of The Brain (CD) The legend of the acid music who don't need special introduction. Harel Prusky, comes with an another great release, this time it's a massive collection of previous unreleased 'oldies-goldies' recovered from the DATs.
Many of these tracks like a legendary 'Lastrance' from 1993 have been supported and played in sets by Sven Vath, Paul Oakenfold, Avi Nissim, Goa Gil, Miko, etc... the tracks which have hit a dancefloors many times in Goa.

Also, one more mixdown of famous and unforgetable 'Alala'... nice to have one more in collection Sounds of tb303, tr909, jupiter, juno... pure analog experience


1. Circle Of Light (rmx)
2. Alala (Baboonation mix) 
3. Kamikaze 
4. Lastrance 
5. Subliminal Desert 
6. Untitled 
7. Cosmic Voodoo 
8. Threshold 
9. The Beast