Bubble - Coldsun


After four years of silence, Mushy Records is delighted to present the new Studio Album from Bubble.Bubble are Guy Sarnat and Karen Bagdasarov, two veteran musicians and gifted producers, based in the Holy city of Jerusalem in Israel.
Known for their different and creative musical approach, they have taken things even further, delivering a real masterpiece: different, interesting, enticing, rich and innovative!

A story matched by 12 different pieces, one completing the other and each piece influenced differently by their multi cultural homeland, All this together makes the sory of 'Coldsun' a different story.


1. Timeless 
2. Different Story 
3. Made in Japan 
4. It's too far 
5. Abu Gosh 
6. Plastic 
7. Extra Worm 
8. Duduk 
9. Cold Sun 
10. Daydream 
11. Clone 
12. Days

Source: www.psyshop.com