Brian Eno releases iPhone music app


Brian Eno releases iPhone music app We tend to think of Brian Eno as a resourceful guy.
When heâ??s not inventing entire genres (ambient), producing U2, or creating immersive art installations, heâ??s pioneering an iPhone software product called Bloom (App Store link).
Hereâ??s what we know so far (taken from the App Store page):
â??Developed by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers, Bloom explores uncharted territory in the realm of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Part instrument, part composition and part artwork, Bloomâ??s innovative controls allow anyone to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies by simply tapping the screen.
A generative music player takes over when Bloom is left idle, creating an infinite selection of compositions and their accompanying visualisations. â??

- 9 different mood settings
- Random mood shuffle
- Adjustable delay
- Shake to clear
- Evolve when idle

Price: $3.99 US