Bratex - Secrets Of Life (CD)


Bratex - Secrets Of Life (CD) Brazilian native Bratex presents his debut full length album.....exploding forth from the festivals and packed dance floors of this primary leading country in Psychedelic Trance!
This original album features 11 highly effective tracks that will lead you on your path to enlightenment and a realization of the Secrets Of Life!

Nicholas Pedroso (aka Bratex) was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His first contact with psytrance was in 2003 in a house in Sao Paulo, now he started to become interested in producing electronic music. Presenting his music to the dance floor honed his technique of mixing and his feeling of the perfect tracks, resulting in wild dancing and vibrant experiences! In 2004 he began to get interested in music production, what would be the appearance of this project named Bratex. Since then he has focused many years of dedication and familiarity with the electronic scene, with the primary influence on his style, design and Beat Hackers, Black and White and Cosma. His sound is characterized by psychedelic beats, bass lines and groovy atmosphere and leading the dance floor to an unparalleled journey.


1. The One - (Bratex rmx)SASKIA 
2. 2-Fly - BRATEX 
3. Twilight - BRATEX 
4. Run Baby - BRATEX 
5. Release - BRATEX 
6. Our Mind - BRATEX 
7. New time is coming - (Bratex rmx)U-MEN 
8. Secrets of life - (fix mix)BRATEX 
9. The Light - (rmx) masterBRATEX 
10. The sun will always shine - BRATEX 
11. Superficial - (album mix)BRATEX