Brainwash - Maximum Overload (CD)


Fractal Records proudly presents Brainwash new album called 'Maximum Overload'.With his new weapon, Brainwash confirms, if that was ever needed, that he is definitely a part of the psychedelic trance landscape you can't afford not to know.
This new batch of mind blowing compositions will just leave you speechless. There are many artist out there but few of them will bring you the level of surprise Brainwash delivers. You don't notice it immediately, no, it's much more subtile. It starts slowly, as if the sound iteslf was afraid to come out. Yet, since the very first note, it catches you. And it catches you deep. Track after track, you feel like Brainwash has opened a brand new door in your psychedelic journey.

Brainwash album take you a step ahead into the musical creation history. Don't be scared though follow the rythm. Abandon your body to the hypnotic melody your Maximum Overload!


1. Simple Imagination2. Electric Stimulation3. I'm hard bass creator4. Don't Panick5. Maximum Overload6. The Advice7. Psychological Dependancy8. Freak9. The End