Brainwash - Do You Feel My Hard Beat (CD)


Brainwash - Do You Feel My Hard Beat (CD) Fractal Records proudly present Brainwash first album, the new massive live act from the top quality swiss label. Marco Pinto aka Brainwash is born in 1982 in Santarem (Portugal). He started his creative life in psychedelic trance as a dj in the year 2000. 3 Years later he begin to produce his own music and build his unique style quickly.

His sound have a high level of production and this album will speak about all of his talent. Brainwash has already had the opportunity to play all around the world in different countries, sharing a stage with all the big names.

So stay tunned and get ready to feel the hard beat of this promised artist.Feedback are welcome!
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/22

1. Music for massives
2. The fun and exitment
3. Too much LSD
4. Take Controlers
5. Laser Show
6. The body and soul
7. Donand#700;t stop until the end of journey
8. Power Techno-Logy
9. Do u feel my hard beat