Braincell - Intelligent Being (CD)


Developed in the labs of the scientists of psychedelia tested on dance floors of the universe and packaged with a stamp of approval from the esteemed body that is Free-Spirit Records comes Intelligent Being, the new Album from Braincell. Over time, by one means or another, it is fair to say we have all lost a braincell or two. But fear not, now you have an opportunity to find replacement and, in the spirit of life's great cosmic wonderments, this one will provide you an even greater capacity for insight, understanding and knowledge than all those lost.
The solo Alter Ego of Swiss based producer (Dr) Ralph K, Braincell has been experimenting in the elixirs of regeneration and discovered them to be twisting leads and full-on driven beats, bringing his wonder drugs to the masses via those dealers in tonics for life, Free-Spirit Records.

Get your revenge on the ageing process, seek Intelligent Being now.


1. Intelligent Being 
2. Sounds Bubbles 
3. Discovered by aliens 
4. Electrochemical Communication 
5. 8 hours of madness 
6. Different time level 
7. Solar Wizardry 
8. Divine Plant 
9. Wormhole 
10. Sea Foam