Booka Shade release digital-only LP


Booka Shade will release a special digital-only album, Cinematic Shades, later this month.

The collection, which has been put together to showcase the slower and more chilled out side of the duo's material, will feature special edits of tracks from their back catalogue, stretching all the way back to "Vertigo" from 2004's Memento album. It also includes the previously unreleased Trentem?¸ller remix of "Outskirts" from this year's The Sun & The Neon Light album, as well as an exclusive new track in the form of "Paper Plane." Don't go looking at your usual download retailer for it, however, as it will only be available through iTunes.

01. Outskirts (Trentem?¸ller Remix)
02. Solo City
03. Night Falls (Larry Goldâ??s â??Night Falls Over Phillyâ?? String Version)
04. Outskirts (Cinematic Shades Edit)
05. Hallelujah USA
06. Moonstruck (Cinematic Shades Edit)
07. Paper Plane
08. Vertigo (Cinematic Shades Edit)
09. At The Window (Cinematic Shades Edit)
10. Lost High (Cinematic Shades Edit)
11. 16 MM (Cinematic Shades Edit)
12. The Sun & The Neon Light
13. You Donâ??t Know What You Mean To Me (Jâ??s Lullaby)

Get Physical will release Cinematic Shades on December 12th.