Bon - Welcome To My Computer (CD)


Bon - Welcome To My Computer (CD) This time didn't take so long as usual and here we are with a brand new Pixan release. So, let me introduce you the second full length 'Bon' album. After the internationally acclaimed first album 'Underground Resistance' release on Digital Psionics and his side project 'Arsenic' debut album on Manic Dragon.

Here it is, the masterpiece. Exploring the roots of psytrance with the most new sound enhancing techniques, he brings us a real complete and mature album that, as it is in the pixan mission, it can't be classified in any trance sub-genre.

Enjoy and again remember's just music!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/23

1. Midnight Forest 2. Antalya, we were there 3. Turnover Frequencies 4. We create our own darkness 5. Problem Child - (Arsenic rmx) 6. Talking with the wind 7. Rotation Simmetry 8. Welcome to my computer 9. End of the music - (Arsenic Edit) 10. What are these lights? 11. Devil Cry -