Blue Planet Corp. - A Blueprint For Survival (2CD)


Blue Planet Corp. - A Blueprint For Survival (2CD) Gabriel Masurel and Christophe Lebras, under the name 'Blue Planet Corporation' produced with help of Sebastien Masurel the first 12' Overbloody Flood EP in 1993. During the year 1994 there were two more EP released on the label 'UFK': Their second EP and Vol.3 EP provided them a solid reputation on the international trance scene.

In 1995, after several releases for the French label 'POF Music', they were invited by the English label 'Flying Rhino' to produce an album. Gabriel Masurel wrote the album on his own, with some collaboration on various tracks. The Blue Planet album was released in 1999 and was a huge success, and is still praised as one of the fundamentals in every Goa Trance collection.

Gabriel Masurel spent two years afterwards touring as a live act and DJing all over the world, especially in the USA, Japan and Europe. Another vinyl EP was released in 2002: Digital Forward EP. It was the last production of Blue Planet Corporation for 'Flying Rhino'.

Blue Planet Corporation has from then on produced several tracks and remixes for French and international labels: some notable tracks were the two remixes for the French pop star MylA ne Farmer, which won him a big reputation in the world of progressive house and were two huge hits.

Masurel's passion for music leads him to work today on many projects and towards various musical orientations with pop/rock and electronic musicians, making him a complete musician.

There is great anticipation for this album as confirmed on forums and mailing lists all over the world. People are waiting impatiently for this compilation to be released. So prepare to fly again in 2009 with the marvellous music of Gabriel Masurel.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/32

1. Intro 2. Overbloody Flood 3. Midian 4. Genetic 5. Juno Satellite 6. Psychonaut 7. Lubianka 8. Hemo static and overbloody flood 9. Generator 10. Aquablue 11. Intro 12. Hemo Static II 13. Telekinetic 14. Sub Sonic Underground 15. Barocco 16. Goa Disco 17. Restore Hope 18. DNA 19. Antidote 20. Cyclothimic 21. Crystal -