Blue Lunar Monkey - Here and Now


Blue Lunar Monkey is a long time musician/producer who believes the deeper meaning behind music, a communication without words that can take you into higher states of consciousness. Full of Psychedelic synths, organic bass lines and rolling rhythms, plus a few appearances by the amazing voice of Wendy Stock this album is certain to help ascend any person into a bliss filled state.


1. Anahatha 
2. Oneness 
3. Guerreros Arcoirirs - (feat. Deva Sofia, Rupesh Anand) 
4. Two Vines - (Ayahuasca) 
5. We are connected - (feat. Wendy Stock) 
6. Metta 
7. You're not alone - (feat. Wendy Stock) 
8. Dissolution 
9. Here and Now - (Ethernal rmx)