Blazed - See Deep Inside (CD)


Blazed - See Deep Inside (CD) Zerflux (Horizon Live with Eskimo) and Twisted Reaction created this new project called 'Blazed'. Phantasm's newest talent, Blazed come with a mind blowing debut album entitled, 'See Deep Inside'.

The album features top notch remixed tracks like legendary floor stomper, Eskimo - Party Pooper and Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistance, Serious sound with lots of groove and fat basslines. Psychedelic roots mixed with sound and technology of these days, bringing you allways a full message of joy...Get ready to blaze your senses with this fresh and original psykiller sound...Only dancefloor Rockers!

This solo album released Enzyme Records (sub Label) Phantasm Records is the 3rd CD released from this label, with a new one coming soon from this dual-head power project, working now on a remix album and collaborations with top artists of psy scene such as: Eskimo, Horizon, Cycle Sphere, Mad Maxx, Alternative Control, Waio, Freaked Frequency, Dapanji, Bliss, Dickster, Menog and more.

Enjoy the ride!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/27

1. Supreme Mind - (feat. Hideyo Blackmoon)BLAZED 2. New age phenomena - BLAZED 3. Trance N Dance - BLAZED 4. See deep inside - BLAZED 5. Electrical Restistence - (Blazed rmx)CYCLE SPHERE 6. Cool Colours - BLAZED 7. Party Pooper - (Blazed rmx)ESKIMO 8. One Day - (I have a dream)BLAZED 9. Noha - BLAZED 10. Ultimate Sound - BLAZED -