Black and White - The Remixes (CD)


Black and White - The Remixes (CD) Black and White are Samuel Wallerstein and Yaniv Biton. Together they represent one of the biggest promises to come out of Israel. The due have invented a new Psy-style which is heavily influenced from Techno, Industrial, Electro and new wave music.

Their atmosphere is unique and their story telling is one of a kind. Their debut album ' 'Frame by frame' was released in 2005 and since then they are touring the world and releasing tracks on many compilations of various labels such as: HOMmega, Tip world, Phantasm, Crystal Matrix, Digital Oracle, FinePlay, Sirius, Com.pact and more.

Black and White tracks have always been considered original and innovating, so it was no wonder that many artists like Space Cat, Xerox and Illumination, Shanti, U -Recken and others have asked to either remix or collaborate with the band.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Apr. 2009/17

1. Frame by frame - (Space Cat vs Black and White rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
2. Back on track - (Xerox and Illumination rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
3. Fear of the dark - (Black and White vs Liran S. rmx)YAHEL
4. Sharp - (Dynamic vs Black and White rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
5. Fireworks - (Bizzare Contact rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
6. Fresh - (Timelock rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
7. Special Flowers - (Perplex rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
8. Spiral - (Switch rmx)BLACK AND WHITE
9. Created for control - (Hipnotix vs Liran S.)BLACK AND WHITE