Black and White - Back On Track (CD)


Black and White - Back On Track (CD) Black and White are 'Back on track'! The new album features 10 tracks rich with full on baselines and industrial loops, including collaborations with Dynamic, Timelock and PTX.
DJ magazine titled it 'Album of the month' and DJ John 00 Fleming wrote, 'Very few bands can pull off an artist album as well as these guys, expressing themselves as professionals with a whole range of tracks and styles'.

We could write on and on about ths great release...but this time, the music does the talking!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/44

1. Intro 
2. 20 for 7 remix
3. Machine against the rage (with Dynamic)
4. Back on track
5. Bullseye (with PTX)
6. Monosodium
7. Emotion pulse remix (for Dynamic)
8. Sharp
9. Resonator Chaser (with Timelock)
10. Special Flowers
11. Hyper Tribute