Black And White - Life In Color (CD)


Dive into the new world of Black and White and find out just how colorful it can be.Black and White is Yaniv Biton, one of HOMmega's finest producers. Yaniv was always a forward thinking artis, always exploring and expanding the range of styles that can be heard throughout his productions.
From pumping psy trance through down tempo beats to minimal techno, and always layered with deep atmosphere and a frequent use of club elements and melodies.

Yaniv is truly a versatile artist, always implementing fresh trends into his musical creation but still remaining true to the original and innovative sound of his prior releases as 'Black and White'.

2010 and 2011 will be exciting times for Yaniv, now with the release of the long awaited 'Life In Color' album. It took a while to complete, and it best reflects Yaniv's full spectrum of musical influences.

Few of the surprises for you to discover in the 'Life In Color' album. Three steaming hot remixes of Epiphony's 'Out Of Skin', 'Coffee Break' and 'Blue Eyes' that will burn any dancefloor anywhere on the globe. A joined collabortion in 'All Right' with the talented Irad of Switch, another with the rising Numb duo, and with the mighty Patrik PTX.

With dates secured in most international capitols like Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Russia, Australia and more who said anything in life has to be Black or White?


1. Out of my skin - (remix) 
2. Try It 
3. All Right 
4. Provision 
5. Home Base 
6. Coffee Break - (Switch remix) 
7. Bumper 
8. Soul 
9. Uncontrolled 
10. Time Mode 
11. Blue Eyes