Bitkit - Nescessary Illusions (CD)


Bitkit - Nescessary Illusions (CD) After 2 years of hard work, lots of emotions and turbulent changes in life, Bitkit aka Gunther Wyckmans, succeeded in finetuning his experiences into an innovative expression of trancemusic! The several tracks finally formed the album which nobody will be able to resist on the dancefloor! This evolution process leads to the composing of a brand new full album, filled with fresh pounding psychedelic tunes for your pleasure..

Necessary Illusions

You are going to rock and roll and can't wait for the music to beginwhen it happens you will become a part of that music

This simple chords of very true words welcome us to 'The Other Side', the opening track of the brand new Bitkit album and treaths us immediately on a solid and immense groove, where after the track breaks open into well placed and immer forward pushing melodiesFasten your seatbeltsLet's rock and roll!
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/21

1. The other side 2. Tunnelvision 3. Shadowhunter 4. Timetraveller 5. Multiverse 6. Explode 7. 5yk 8. Inside 9. The Revolution -