Bionix - Technoid (CD)


Bionix - Technoid (CD) Bionix! The new weapon of Mind Control Records!One of the most productive artist of the year is realizing here its first album as a solo project. You enjoyed XSI first album on Mind control records? Then you were surprised by 'XSI and friends'? And then you loved the 'Talamasca Vs XSI' album There was one man behind those three killer albums of the year 2009! And he's got a name now, Bionix! Get ready for the latest Mind Control release!
Jean-Marc Segondy was just seven years old when he started playing around with his first synthesiser, but by the time he was fifteen he was already composing songs in various styles of music. After trying many genres of electronic music including house and techno, he began to play trance at some parties in Paris as DJ Bio, soon becoming resident at the Gibus Club ' an infamous club in the Parisian underground scene where the likes of Daft Punk and Bob Sinclar also cut their teeth ' and where he met BarthA lA my Bayona aka DJ Spawn.

After playing together for a year, they decided to make a trance project together called XSI.

The first XSI album was very successful, leading to bookings at some of the biggest international trance events such as XXXperience in Brazil, Arcadia in Japan and Freedom Festival in Portugal. They've also played in a number of other countries including Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, India, Serbia and Russia. Currently very busy in the studio, Jean-Marc spent all the year 2009 to produce 3 albums. The two first ones are now released, one on phantasm as 'XSI and Friends' and another one in collaboration (on Parabola Records) with Talamasca called 'One': Talamasca Vs XSI.

Jean Marc is now releasing his most achieve work, his first solo project Bionix.

As a solo project, he can now totally express himself and explore new musical horizons ' always dancefloor orientated, but in a tougher style suited to night time sets.


1. Technoid 
2. Crystal Mode 
3. Bass Quest 
4. Q-Factor 
5. In my mind 
6. Back Down 
7. Sound Designers - (feat Lucid) 
8. Ispanika 
9. Powerplant 
10. Music Machine