Biokinetix and Friends - I3D3 - The Remixes (CD)


Biokinetix is the hottest new presence from the French Underground Resistance.Aliens have taken over and patrol the skies but never fear Fabry is here with a killer of epic proportions. Like a fountain of magic power from the subterranean depths this wellspring of musical creativity and far out futuristic production tells a story of a people who will not submit to extra terrestrial control even when its lurking in our own government. Deep down earthlings know that their birthright is in the stars. This episode of the famous series explodes into action with the addition of a fully formed rebel army ready to battle the evil invasion of Extraneous Territorials! The guerrilla contingents are lead by generals of the highest regard! Some are famous elite shock troopers and some are so secret you are just now getting briefed on their powers.
All in all it's a dream team of psychedelic ferocity! Mesmerizer, Digital Sound Project, Kinesis vs Crystal Network, Sabretooth, Polypheme, Beatrave, Braindriver, Jaws Underground and Gemini are all summoned forth by Biokinetix to utilize their newest techniques to create the most effective strategies to boggle the minds and warp the bodies (in full power epic dance moves) in order to trap the aliens in wicked designed traps that look just like dance floors. Once entranced by these high tech sonic mind control devices you will be able to easily identify the members of the human race and who is actually an alien in disguise.


1. Acid Generation rmx - MESMERIZER 
2. Black Sheep Technology rmx - DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT 
3. Let's Go rmx - CRYSTAL NETWORK 
4. Encredible Experience rmx - SABRETOOTH 
5. Sextime rmx - POLYPHEME 
7. Virtual Combat rmx - BRAINDRIVER 
8. Crystal Activity rmx - JAWS UNDERGROUND 
9. Encredible Experience rmx - GEMINI 
10. Rastakilla - BIOKINETIX