Biogenesis - Escape The Illusion (CD)


Biogenesis - Escape The Illusion (CD) BioGenesis is considered one of the best electronic music bands to come out from Mexico.Behind BioGenesis are Mikeldi and Carlos, two young Mexicans, who have been making music together since 1999. BioGenesis appeared on the scene around 2005, and few years later released their debut album 'Harmonic Science' on Nutek rec., this album has received great response from the dance-floors worldwide, and from top leading Dj's. Their music was featured side by side brilliant acts such as: CPU, GMS, Mekkanikka, Xerox and Illumination, Sirius Isness, Atomic Pulse, Painkiller, Bliss, to name a few, on various International labels, a factor in their rapidly growing reputation.
BioGenesis presenting their second album 'Escape The Illusion'. This is a very unique direction of electronic psytrance. The new bio style is sure to blow you away, this album features massive bass-lines with intricate melodic leads, evolving into a fusion with other electronic genres.

Nutek keeps exploding the dance floor


1. Ride the wave - BIOGENESIS 
2. Sono-File - BIOGENESIS 
3. Medulla Oblongata - BIOGENESIS 
5. Anything is possible - BIOGENESIS 
6. Redemption Bong - (Biogenesis rmx)BLISS 
7. State of mind - BIOGENESIS 
8. Earth Intruders - BIOGENESIS 
9. The Big Club - BIOGENESIS