Bio-Tonic - Music For Animals (CD)


Bio-Tonic - Music For Animals (CD) Not many artists has such an unique style and succeeded so much inside the psychedelic trance scene such as Jerome and Julien Lecoq, the heads behind the french duo Bio-Tonic.

Each of their previous 4 albums were a legend, each one in different ages that psytrance had been through. Now Planet B.E.N. Records welcome them to bring their long awaited 5th album to initiate a new age by themselves.

These are 9 massive dynamic tracks, each one engineered based in their pure genre, high tech and futuristic. Pearls for dance floors, psychedelic trips soundtrack, home listening for fast freaks, backgrounds for your imagination.

Groovy and melodic, the new Bio-Tonic sound is a melting of deep emotions with a stylish french touch... definitely full-on.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2009/20

1. Kick some ass
2. Disco Boss
3. Country Boy
4. Butterfly
5. Bite me baby
6. Control
7. I know what they want
8. My heart is dancing
9. A dirty feeling