Beatkrush - Dissolver (CD)


Beatkrush - Dissolver (CD) Nutek records is proud to Present - Beatkrush!The sole talent behind this project is no other than Trance legend, artists Samy G., a.k.a CPU, Synergy and Biodegradable. The Beatkrush project presents a blend of hi-tek studio chemistry and dance... at turns minimal, at turns progressive...
The funky electro house sound of Beatkrush fits perfectly in pretty much any atmosphere, open air festivals, beach parties or urban clubs and afterparties. BeatKrush has been priorly featured respected international labels such as, 'Nice Dreams music' and 'IBZ recordings' from Ibiza, Gemini recordings ' Japan.

Dissolver is Beatkrush's debut studio album, featuring 9 previously unreleased tracks... a selection of colorful groovy and uplifting beats loaded with krush Fx's... Samy G. a.k.a BeatKrush has collaborated also with well known international artists such as Davina (Sirius Isness, Massive), vocalists Michelle Adamson (Shpongle) and Isabelle Malchioni (Skazi, GMS).

With the release of this album, Nutek establishes itself as an all round Electronic music label, providing a platform for its artists to experiment their creativity.


1. Flanged 
2. Transit Delay 
3. Watch me 
4. Kiss 
5. I Like It 
6. OuiOui 
7. Tomato Soup 
8. Dissolver 
9. Cocoon