Beardy Weardy - Squelch Monster


Wildthings Records are proud to present the labels founder and manager Beardy Weardy's debut album.After starting the label side of Wildthings and focusing on promoting the sound of the artists, he now becomes the newest producer to the Wildthings audio arsenal. Beardy has created a feast of tracks influenced through his 15 years of Dj'n within the London underground scene and from the music that's inspired him.
In true Wildthings fashion he experiments with different styles of psychedelic groove and textures, all saturated with plug in madness and positive trance states. The music flows through softer realms into the more full on acidic, with humorous samples and pumping bass lines that will get dance floors partying worldwide.

His early years of being a percussionist have been shown with his quirky rhythm sections and style of groove and though fast in tempo, he has let the album flow through styles and moods enhanced through the studio experience.

His album is a first of many releases for 2012 and the music can be heard at most of the major dance festivals he is playing at in the scene this year, such as the Glade, Boom and Ozora. He intends to join forces with other artists to experiment deeper into the world of Psychedelic trance. He continues his thirst for audio research and development.


1. Unchartered Terrain2. Rentagal3. Eggman4. The Plan5. Stroke It!6. Lunch Out7. Easy Tiger8. 3 Pipe Problem9. London Calling10. Humdinger11. Squelch Monster