Barby - Infiltrator


Ovnimoon Records presents the eagerly anticipated debut full length album from Barby the electronic music project of Chilean composer Ignacio Barbagelata.
'Infiltrator' containing 10 original songs of Psy-Goa-Trance with dark progressive vibes full of hypnotic sci-fi landscapes and atmospheres. These tracks infiltrate the listeners mind to help focus and find a true trance state.

Barby's style is nonconformist but continues a musical direction that has roots formed by the pioneers of the late 90's tech-trance-prog sound. As an artist Barby truly stands among a few that are willing to make trance without the urge of their egos to make another generic album. The songs will excellently returns the listener to the source of the trance dance using strait forward hard beats and intricate psychedelic noises that seem to come from the speakers sounding like aliens wishing to communicate their ancient knowledge.


1. Axe of God 
2. Cyborg 
3. Evie 909 
4. Infiltrator 
5. Nunom - (Darkwalker mix) 
6. Phase 
7. Protokol 
8. Slave 
9. Umbriel 
10. Vore