Bamboo Forest - The Seven Chakras (CD)


Bamboo Forest - The Seven Chakras (CD) Bamboo Forest The Seven Chakras, the new and long awaited album from the legendary project by Stephane Dureisseix. In the course of the years Bamboo Forest is recreating his magical tribal sound of full on.

A true pioneer of the Goa trance scene, who is brilliantly blends today's development and musical innovation into the the most powerful dance floor celebration ambiance.

The taste of the past, the sound of today and the vision of tomorrow are the main guidelines of this album. A perfect source of spiritual energy for the summer experience. The Seven Chakras, as the energy follows thought, follows the forces of the psytrance universe.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. Sahasrara
2. Ajna
3. Vishuddha
4. Anahata
5. Manipura
6. Svadisthana
7. Muladhara
8. Nice to know