Bahramji feat Mashti - Sufi Safir (CD)


Bahramji feat Mashti - Sufi Safir (CD) 'Sufi Safir' is Bahrams second album released on Blue Flame Records.The Songs on this album were born in India and developed further in Holland and Denmark.
Working with Danish DJ Mashti, this album is a special combination between the ancient and traditional, connecting it with the modern and technical. If asked, Bahram says about the origin of his music: 'It is simply spontaneous and comes from the heart, it develops out of the moment.'

The second part of the album title 'Safir' has the Persian meaning of 'traveller'. Thus the album, translated, carries the title 'a Sufi, always travelling.' which is leaning onto Bahrams own life as a Sufi. His journeys also gave inspirations for this album. Influences from ancient, traditional Sufi melodies as well as Kurdish and Indian sounds are found on the album. The multi-layers of Bahrams music reflects itself also in the texts about wisdoms and experiences, which go back to old Persian mystics and poets such as Saadi, Rumi, Attar or Hafez.

The album transports an unbelievable strength and energy. It is somewhat magical. Most tracks are led by a slow, very deep, driving and almost hypnotic bass line. These beats are important to Bahram. 'Beats symbolize the rhythm of life, the rhythm of the body, the heart', he says. The deep tones are embedded into wonderfully percussive elements and are accompanied by the charming sounding Santoor (string instrument) and the Ney (flute). Through this, a second level is opened in the songs, which create an unbelievable listening experience.

Bahram would like to dedicate this work to his good friend Kiritji. It was he who brought Bahram to Ibiza in the year 2003 and introduced him to all musicians and friends. From this time on, much began to develop: The acquaintances with DJ's, live performances and finally the various influences on Bahrams music. His traditional way mixed itself with Ethno, Chill and Ambient. Through this circumstance, music as recorded on this album, is the result.


1. My Life 
2. Cameldriver 
3. The way to the light 
4. Indisufi 
5. Prayer 
6. Ney 
7. Grace 
8. Devotion