Bahramji and Mashti - Sufiyan (CD)


Bahramji and Mashti - Sufiyan (CD) Sufiyan is Bahram's second album together with producer and DJ Mashti.Working with Danish producer and DJ Mashti, Sufiyan is a special combination between the ancient and traditional, connecting it with the modern and technical. If asked, Bahram says about the origin of his music: 'It is simply spontaneous and comes from the heart, it develops out of the moment.'
Somehow Bahramji and Mashti combine what should be polar opposites: soothing, flowing, meditative santoor, flute, ney, settar together with powerful beats and mystical Eastern vocals. It's done in a truly symbiosis. Sufiyan combines influences from ancient, traditional Sufi melodies as well as Kurdish and Indian sounds. The multi-layers of their music reflects itself also in the texts about wisdoms and experiences, which go back to old Persian mystics and poets such as Rumi, Attar or Hafez.

'Music is more then the notes. The instruments are used, the notes are used, and the sounds are used. To create a silence between two sounds. That silence is the music to be born. Gratitude is your sensitivity towards the universe or existence. Music is my sensitivity. Silence between two sounds is music. Between two words is poetry.' Bahramji


1. Being with you 
2. Awareness 
3. Blue Nile 
4. Come my Love - (Bia jane) 
5. Faithfulness 
6. Heartbeat 
7. Inner Beauty 
8. Midnight 
9. Desire - (Setare) 
10. Lovers