BPM - System Activated (CD)


BPM - System Activated (CD) Psy-core records presents 'System Activated' the first full length album release by Serbian producers Alex Lazarevic and Gradimir Kedzic, who together present their own take on full paced Psychedelic Trance. System Activated fuses kick arse beats, solid bass lines and psychoactive melodies designed to guide listeners into an audio trip of kaleidoscopic electronica.
Each track subtly glides and moves forward effortlessly with intelligent samples used to maximum effect creating context and atmospheric conditioning for the recipient.

BPM's System Activated gives nine delicious tracks of real Psychedelic full power music for domestic and dance floor consumption.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/49

1. System Activated 
2. Far Style 
3. Syntronix 
4. Dream 
5. Parallel World 
6. Beyond the limit 
7. Psybeer 
8. Xradio 
9. Rainbow

Source: www.psyshop.com