BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad


Geomagnetic records now brings to you BPM's second full length album Dancefloor Demolition Squad.After 4 years and a very successful debute BPM album called System Activated, BPM is coming back with their unique and fresh sound once again to crush, burn and turn into dust dancefloors with their performance and explosive sound.
With 9 powerful tracks intended for the worldwide trance scene, specialised for hot atmosphere and unforgettable shows, Dancefloor Demolition Squad will bring unique vibes in parties and clubs around the globe. Containing 6 blasting original productions and 4 remixes of tracks by Shift, Talamasca and XSI, X-Noize, and Ephedrix.

Expect to be demolished when this squad dances around your speakers!


1. Dancefloor Demolition Squad - BPM 
2. Paranoic Illusion - BPM 
3. Alternator X - (BPM rmx)SHIFT 
4. Cartoon Freak - BPM 
5. Halloween - BPM 
6. Bassline Process - BPM 
7. Still Here - (BPM rmx)TALAMASCA AND XSI 
8. Breaking The Toys - (BPM rmx)X-NOIZE 
9. Far Away - (BPM rmx)EPHEDRIX 
10. Double Vision - BPM

Source: www.psyshop.com